Student Activities Board

My sophomore year at Drake, I was a graphic design co-chair on the Student Activities Board (SAB). My duties consisted of working with co-chairs to accomplish their marketing goals for posters and other promotional materials. I also made it my personal effort to create posters that stood out, and encouraged the programming members of the board to take risks and try new concepts with posters. 


Snapchat Geofilters

After a fantastic year on SAB, I really realized my passion for collaboration and accomplishing marketing goals with creativity. I took this drive and stepped up to supervise and oversee all marketing for the board, where I supervise a committee of designers and writers as well as serving as a liasion between programming chairs and the design team. I manage budgets and timelines and keep all marketing for the board on track. I also serve as a strategic lead, helping the entire board to get on the same page, aligned with our mission statement.

To serve the student body by providing quality entertainment and education programs. SAB will also strive to encourage involvement and interaction among students and student organizations.
— SAB Mission Statement

Snapchat Initiative

We worked with a student on campus named Tyler, who is a recognized Snapchat community geofilter designer, and he designed filters for nearly all of our events.

In the end, the filters each received an average of more than 5,600 impressions. When Shangela, a contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race, came to our annual Drag Show, our filter gained over 25,000 impressions.